Text written : Make abortion safe.

Where is a good abortion clinic in Delhi?

FPAI –Family Planning Association of India.

Ladies!!! Have you heard about it? If yes, then I am happy for you, if no then get ready to receive an amazing information that I am going to give you. For those who are not aware of FPAI, It stands for Family Planning Association for India. They provide services on family planning and helping with terminating unwanted pregnancy.

Recently, I got a chance to visit the FPAI abortion clinic in Delhi and I was amazed to see how approachable they were.

Abortion is legal under certain conditions.

First of all, let me start by saying abortion is legal in India until certain weeks. To more know about this, please check our article here.

As I went inside the gate the surrounding of the clinic had positive vibes. The plants and trees added to the calmness. I dint feel as if I am standing in front of an abortion clinic. I went and met the Doctor who was all excited to meet us and show around the clinic.

As we entered I saw the counsellor’s room. The counsellor had a huge smile on her face. I felt safe and welcomed.  We went and sat with the doctor in the examination room where the patients were examined.

“Privacy and confidentiality is the most important aspect that FPAI follows”, told the doctor.  Whoever comes to the clinic needs to just register with one’s name. This is required, to keep a count of the patients. It is not for public to examine.

If you need personal assistance please WhatsApp us at +918861713567

Married or Unmarried women can receive abortion services.

Let it be a married women or unmarried women, the information of the patient is kept highly confidential. Nobody asks the patient uncomfortable questions like are you married or not? Where is the husband? Everybody is treated with dignity at FPAI abortion clinic in Delhi.

As soon as one walks inside the clinic, the person is sent to the counsellor’s room. The counsellor makes sure that the person is comfortable. Privacy is given utmost important. The counsellor discusses what all happened and what can be done. Later the person is sent to the examination room and is examined by the doctor who later provides medicines or performs the operation accordingly.

For abortion or also known as Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), the woman needs to fill a consent form called ‘Form C’.  Only the consent of the women is required for performing the medical termination.

For the first 4-8 weeks, doctors are willing to provide the medicines or the pills to induce abortion.

Procedures regarding Medical Abortion :

The woman is provided with a medicine kit containing mifepristone and misoprostol.  These medicines are best helpful in first 12 weeks (1st Trimester of abortion).

The doctor properly explains how to utilise these medicines as it is important to take these medicines in a proper way and under the doctor’s guidance



  • Day 1:One 200 mg tablet of Mifepristone is taken
  • Day 3 (between 24 to 48 hours):Misoprostol pills of 200 mcg each (total of 800 mcg) are given orally or vaginally.
  • Day 14 – 15:Person returns for a post-treatment examination to affirm that a complete end of pregnancy has happened.

The doctor would recommend to come back for an ultrasound check up after 15 days. As per the doctor if it is difficult to come back to clinic, then get an ultrasound (abdomen) done because it is important to find out if the abortion is completed and women is safe.

The doctor told me these medicines don’t have any side effects but should be always taken under the doctor’s guidance.  It is always better to see if the clinic has displayed the certificate for medical termination practice. One needs to be careful from quacks or unregistered doctors.

After 12 weeks, Doctors normally recommend Surgical abortion.

Surgical Abortion :

MVA (Medical Vacuum Aspiration) method  is used for surgical termination. It involves using a specially designed syringe to apply gentle suction to remove the pregnancy or pregnancy tissue from the womb. It can be done with or without local anaesthetic (you will be awake), and takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. This method is legal, less expensive and more comfortable than Dilation and curettage (which is an old method). It is also safe.

After five weeks,  a surgical procedure is your only option. If you opt for a surgical abortion, you will need to give your doctor a couple of days to make arrangements at the hospital/ clinic. The actual procedure takes only about 15-20 minutes, but you will have to stay in the hospital for four to five hours.

Is Abortion scary? I am nervous?

These are some of the questions that we have been getting in the past.

Is it safe?

Will my Girl friend treated well?

Does it hurt? 

I am unmarried. Will they provide me service?

Let me tell you ladies, I found FPAI abortion clinic in Delhi very friendly and approachable. If required, kindly try utilizing this clinic. It’s friendly, non-judgemental, safe, clean and affordable. The whole facility would cost around 500 INR. Kindly utilize this amazing clinic. Try it out and refer it to the ladies around. Let us all promote safe abortion and health care around us.

We also wanted to share a story of one of our followers who felt lonely and betrayed while trying to terminate her pregnancy : http://hidden-pockets.com/abortion-stories-in-india/

You are not alone, we are here!

PS: “FPA India clinics may charge, what we prefer to call as a ‘partial user fee’ to the clients for seeking abortion or any other SRH service. This fee is very subsidized and helps the Association meet some running costs.  Only when the facility is not equipped to provide a particular service (for example some client may need a specialized service, or admission or higher level emergency care) are clients to other facilities.”

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  1. Hello mam, I am looking for some help. I am very depressed about the fact that my fiance could be pregnant as she missed her menstrual period on last 6th october. We both are very scared. We don’t have a guidance about this. What should we do? A pregnancy test? Is FPAI good for us? Should i visit FPAI? Is FPAI safe and friendly? Please do help me mam as soon as possible.Thank you.

    • Dear Dhruv,

      Please do go check up FPAI.It is a great place. Also you can get some counselling done for both of you. Don’t worry, all would be well 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment about how you should be able to get private abortions if you so chose. I like how you said that they shouldn’t have to answer to who or where the husband is. My friend is considering supportive abortion clinics because she may decide to go through with this procedure.

  3. Hello ma’am, I’m 22 and I’m a month pregnant. Reading your article, I’m a bit relieved about where to go and whom to consult, but I’m worried if any complications arise after going through MTP. Did you face any complication? Did you go through an ultrasono there only?

  4. Hello FPA, me and my friend got physical on 28th April and 14th may and her periods date is 19th of every month. Now she missed her periods and after 8 days when we check with prega news than only one pink colour line appears which means negative i.e., she is not pregnant but still her periods is not coming so please help us to get out of this problem and can we have a appointment with you in private on your clinic?

    • Dear,

      I would suggest that you visit the clinic once, it is extremely sensitive space for young people to go and talk to doctors and counsellors. Meet the doctor once, she would be able to suggest you some some answers.

  5. Hi Ma’am, Me and my Fiance got physical and we had unprotected sex and she took iPill also. Her period normally happens in the first week of every month. She had little spot like period and now she is having mixed symtoms of early stage of pregnancy. Can you provide me the address of FPAI clinic in Lucknow? and the concerned doctor.

  6. Hi,, I read your article me and my boyfriend did physical and we use contraceptives but then when im waiting for my period due date i was 2 weeks delayed and I did PT and its positive.Is FPA is a good and safer place to go for safe abortion or medical abortion ? thanks

  7. Hi this is pooja
    I am 24.I missed my periods which were supposed to happen on 4 of Sep n I am very scared that I might b pregnant though I took the pregnancy test kit test and I am not sure whether it showed pregnant or not.it showed only 1 line on the c section please guide what should I do.

  8. I too needed some help.. I have confirmed pregnancy and dont want to continue.. I and my fiance are feared. Can this help? With privacy and is sonography too available here. What will be the total cost. I m a month pregnant in delhi

  9. Mam..me and my boyfriend got physical on 4th September and i took i pill after that.and tested my pregnancy snd it showed only one line.And my period date is 30 and still i have no periods..please respond..can i go to FPAI

  10. Hi, we have baby of 7month through sezerian delivery.. Now my wife again pregnent.. We dont know actual pregnency period.(duration). We cant take care of 2 baby as well as. Plz suggested can i visit FPI its helpful to us.

  11. Hello, I read your article and I need some info on FPA Kolkata. Do they ask about marriage status or not and is it safe there?

  12. Hello ma’am.
    My girlfriend and I were physical on 14th of October. Although there was no penetration, my penis did touch her vagina once or twice (I don’t remember having an ejaculation till then) and her periods were scheduled on 29th October but it hasn’t come yet. Can you help me on this? If she is pregnant, can FPAI Delhi help us in it? Also what will be the cost? Please reply soon. We are unmarried. Will FPAI, Delhi help us? Will it be confidential?

  13. Hello ma’am.
    My girlfriend and I were physical on 14th of October. Although there was no penetration, my penis did touch her vagina once or twice (I don’t remember having an ejaculation till then) and her periods were scheduled on 29th October but it hasn’t come yet. Can you help me on this? If she is pregnant, can FPAI Delhi help us in it? Also what will be the cost? Please reply soon. We are unmarried. Will FPAI, Delhi help us? Will it be confidential?

  14. Hello,
    Me and my girlfriend got physical and she miss 2 months of her periods what can we do she is pregnant now and we are unmarried couple. Will FPAI Delhi hepl us. Please mail me as soon as possible

  15. Mam my girlfreind is pregnant and how much will be the cost for abortion and how can we get it done and from where in delhi … kindly please suggest us

  16. Mam, i’m unmarried and 9 weeks pregnant but don’t want to continue. Can i get some confidential abortion clinic which are USG guided and safe and how much will be the cost of abortion and can we get it done. Please reply soon

  17. Dear mam
    I have went somewhere in high altitude. My periods have started 5 days prior because of that reason. Me and my fiance got physical on 9th of january but when i have returned to my home place. I started feeling nausea and weak.. i m feeling a bit of breath loss.. i m not sure whether i m pregnant or not… and after returning back yesterday on 15th periods again happened. Please suggest what action needed to be taken..

  18. What is the cost for MTP procedure and how much long will it take.
    Also, can you tell of you have this clinic in Agra? If so, what is the address and Does this clinic provide complete privacy to the patients like the Delhi one.
    We are unmarried couple and want a complete privacy for this. Also, dp you have in clinic sonograohy service available?
    Please respond with the details regarding total cost and expenditure and time for the process?

  19. Good evening,

    I was looking to know if I need appointment for pregnancy termination at FPAI. I’m an Afghan girl currently living in Delhi. Can you please advise me, how much does it cost, how much time does it take, do I need appointment, and what documents I need to have with me?

    Many thanks,
    In anticipation of your response,

  20. hello ma’am,
    My girlfriend tried pregnancy tests and they came out to be positive. please let me know the best abortion clinic or hospital in delhi!

  21. I too needed some help.. I have confirmed pregnancy and dont want to continue..Can this help? With privacy and is sonography too available here. What will be the total cost. I m 5weeks pregnant in delhi

  22. Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex without penetration just after my girlfriend’s periods got over. She missed her period and we did a HCG urine test in the 6th week after the last period but it gave negative result. But for the last 2-3 weeks she has been having excessive mood swings and frequent headaches but not feeling nauseous. It’s been now around 10 weeks since last periods. Will she be treated for abortion if it is required at FPA India, RK Puram? Do we need to get prior appointment or just give it a visit? The article is nicely written but to me it seems unbelievable. Waiting for your response.

  23. Hello mam,
    I am from Delhi
    I doubt I am pregnant but still waiting for the confirmation.
    I intend to visit FPAI in case of confirmed pregnancy.
    I would like to know that till how much weeks they do abortions and if pregnancy is beyond 8 weeks ,do they provide surgical abortion too?

  24. Hello, I’m few days late for my period. I will take the pregnancy test after few more days. I’m 19 and unmarried. What if I’m pregnant and if i need an abortion? Can i visit FPAI? Is it safe? And if so, what should i ask them to do, failed contraception is illegal for unmarried women. Then what should i ask them for an abortion?

  25. What will be the total cost of MTP via pills for the consultation, medicines and ultrasound? Can the patient visit the facility alone as she is unmarried?

  26. Hello, I already have 2 children and unfortunately, due to my ignorance, my wife has conceived 3rd one also. We cannot afford to have a 3rd child kindly recommend an abortion clinic in Delhi. How much does it cost? Please help. Thanks a lot

  27. What is the name of the clinic? How can I get appointment? What is the cost of surgical abortion and medical abortion? How much time will it take to recover?

  28. My girlfriend periods were supposed to happen on 8th of April but still it’s not happening we used both contraceptives and protection . What could be the reason please help with this situation.

  29. Need Help for aborting. My girlfriends pregnancy is confirmed through the Prega news. I do have an Unwanted Kit too but dont want to start it without any proper observations of doctor. Cant trust completely on online doctors.

    Please email me the required details

  30. Ma’am,i’m unmarried,my girlfriend is 19 and pregnant, i want some help..plz tell me about ur clinics in east delhi

  31. Mam, my girlfriend is pregnant and its 1st month. What is the cost of abortion. What is the procedure to take treatment from ur organization

  32. Dear Ma’m,
    Me and my girl friend had protected sex just after per periods got over. Is there any chance of pregnancy?
    Is there any tests for that.

    Kindly suggest via mail.

  33. My girlfriend might be pregnant and her periods haven’t started yet. Kindly revert with the details of the hospital and guide us about the procedure.

  34. I am single n I am pregnant for more than 3 months I think ..wat should I do.i don’t want to continue. What shall I do ..m very depressed n need help. Can I get abortion with anyone knowing .plz reply

  35. Ma’am
    I am single n college student. I am pregnant around 18 months. I broke up with my bf n I DNT want to continue the pregnancy. What should i do ?? It’s it okay to go alone for consultation. It is expensive? M afraid n depressed please reply me.

  36. mam my fiance didn’t recieve her periods for two months….and then we thought it’s happen cause she’s too week…bt she go for sexologist and doctor said u r 16 weak pregnant….so can u tell me the abortion is done or not and the all cost for it….

  37. I m suffering from pcod n not getting period since 6 months n then also got pregnant now. I want to discontinue it m just 21 .. Can I get abortion done .??

  38. I want to know the cost of abortion it’s 23/16 days of pregnency can you please tell me the total cost of abortion

  39. Hello Mam,Iam married and Iam 24 years old.Iam 18weeks pregnant unexpectedly. This happens because of my false UPT I had two weeks ago.But I have many personal works to be fulfilled. I want to abort my baby.Can You please help me?? I need help!

  40. Hello team, my girlfriend had her last period on 27th April – 1st May, she usually have irregular periods. We had sex on 1st and 11th may it was protected but now she hasn’t got her periods yet, she also had a dark discharge on 31st may and 1st June and bleeding in the evening of 3rd June.
    we both are really worried and stuck.Please guide.

  41. My friend(22 years)is a week late for her period and she is supposed to check it with PT today itself.
    She had irregular periods from a long time but now it’s been a week late.
    She had an intercourse last month and her periods were supposed to come on 8th but it didn’t happened.
    So can we both come to the clinic today for queries and conclusions.

  42. Hi,, I read your article me and my boyfriend did physical and we use contraceptives but then when im waiting for my period due date i was 2 weeks delayed and I did PT and its positive.Is FPAI (Delhi) is a good and safer place to go for safe abortion or medical abortion ? Please write me soon.

  43. I had physical contact with my bf and since i didnt have periods i have done pregnancy test also and it came out negative but i still havnt have my periods.Please mail me the abortion bills.

  44. Hello mam,

    My name is shayna and i missed my periods this month. i am also feeling some early signs of pregnancy. but i am not married so want to abort the child. please need your urgent help.

  45. My girlfriend is 29 years.
    She skipped her period and even the Pregnancy testers have shown POSITIVE.

    Financial, age and no other kind of issue we have.

    Are we good if we are unmarried and we go FPAI ??
    (Going to be married next year)

  46. I m 12 week pregnant, I called fpai,delhi..they said we don’t accept patient more than 9 weeks…plzz tell me what can i do where to go they suggest me to go safdarjung hospital but I don’t think they care abut me aur treat well

  47. Hi,

    My girlfriend is 14 weeks pregnant and we both are scared… Looking for abortion but unable to find any good clinic or Doctor… We stay in Delhi… Kindly contact me as soon as possible…

  48. Ma’am first of all thank you so much for sharing this information with everyone. I would like to pose a query please reply. My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex on 8th of October, just a week ago. Although I never came inside her, I am not sure if she is pregnant or not and will confirm in a few days when her periods are due. We are both above 18 and are both terrified at the prospect. And if she is pregnant she said she would like to have an abortion.
    What will be the total cost of medical abortion in fpai and any other fees? Will they treat her even though we are young and unmarried?

  49. my girlfriend is 22(unmarried)
    she is 5week pregnant
    can we visit fpai, delhi?
    what is the total cost of the full procedure

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