Privacy and sexual health at Digital Citizen Summit

November 5, 2018 Hidden Pockets 0

Hidden Pockets discussion on Privacy with regard to sexual health at Digital Citizen Summit. We were present at Digital Citizen Summit organised by Digital Empowerment Foundation on 1st and 2nd November, 2018. It’s a great experience to discuss the role of privacy in our work on sexual and reproductive health. Read More

a hand holding phone

Is anyone else reading your Tinder messages?

July 17, 2017 Jasmine George 1

“How does privacy matter? Nobody is reading my messages and I am making the choice to put these messages out there on social media platform,” asks P, my friend  who seems to finally have cracked the Tinder Emojis. Every  time I talk about privacy, people ask me what is there Read More

Digital Citizen Summit 2016: privacy of the digital citizen?

November 15, 2016 Brindaalakshmi K 0

Encrypt! Encrypt! Encrypt!  That was one of the key takeaways from the Privacy panel at the Digital Citizen Summit 2016 organised by Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit (FNF) and Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) in Bangalore on November 11, 2016. This panel could not have been better timed! With a shortage in currency notes Read More