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Sexual Harassment and Abuse: Meaning, Myths, and Signs

November 1, 2019 Hidden Pockets 0

Meaning Any unwelcome sexual advance comes under sexual harassment, and any forced sexual activity comes under sexual abuse. Sexual harassment and abuse may be done through facial expressions, body language, words or actions. Myths about sexual harassment and abuse One is in greater danger of rape at the hands of Read More

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Using the women’s locker room as a transgender woman

February 6, 2017 Hidden Pockets 0

I discovered that I am a transgender woman a few months back. After some denial, I finally accepted it and started transitioning. Being transgender can be a very lonely journey but thankfully I found the /r/asktransgender subreddit and started reading it religiously. Apart from other things, I learned that Portland, Oregon is Read More

QUEER AZADI MUMBAI PRIDE 2017: An experience!

February 2, 2017 Hidden Pockets 0

Last year, I found myself witnessing the largest pride celebration on this planet, the 46th annual New York City Pride March. An electric, colorful, almost Mardi Gras-esque celebration of love and life, that was attended by a record setting 32,000 marchers. And thousands upon thousands of supporters that lined up Read More