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Where to find good abortion clinic in Chennai?

As a woman and as a Public Health practitioner, women’s sexual and reproductive health is of extreme importance and relevance. So, I thought I could start off this series with a look into Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), in layman’s terms Abortion in Chennai.

Chennai and abortion

There’s no better place to start than at home, Chennai. MTP raises a variety of moral, social and legal questions. If the pregnant woman feels the necessity to terminate her pregnancy, does she have the right to do so? If she does upto what moment and on what conditions?

MTP is legal only upto 20 weeks of pregnancy and only under certain specific conditions, such as:

  1. If continuation of the pregnancy would be a risk either physically/mentally to the mother
  2. If the woman is not ready to become a mother yet
  3. If the fetus shows abnormality in the scan and tests, which would prove that it would be born severely handicapped. According to the Declaration of Chennai, Review of the MTP act in order to halt sex selective abortion, in 2007, it was established that it is the Woman’s right to chose to carry the child to term or terminate the pregnancy. All this information was easily accessible and very informative.

The provision for MTP services was the next big question on my mind. So, I did a quick search on public domain with simple keywords like, abortion clinics in Chennai, MTP clinics in Chennai, government abortion clinics etc.

This is some of the information that I could gather.

Requirements for abortion clinics:

Abortions are done in a hospital or in a clinic that specializes in abortions and both may have separate requirements. To have an abortion in a hospital, you may need to visit a birth control clinic, your family doctor or a women’s health centre first. In both the clinic and the hospital, the actual procedure takes about 10 minutes but they may insist on keeping the woman under observation as seen fit.

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Some of the places where you can get the required information on MTP services are:

  1. A women’s healthcare centre at a hospital
  2. A Planned Parenthood Association
  3. Your nearest public health unit
  4. A birth control centre
What is given and what is not!

However, beware!

There are also quite a few illegal MTP centers in several areas around Chennai. So kindly enquire thoroughly before choosing a clinic. On further research into the number of centers, I found that over three-quarters of abortion-certified facilities are in the private sector.

MTP is every Woman’s right and to deny her the same, is not only a violation of her rights but also, putting her in harm’s way. An online search fails to provide easy access to information on MTP clinics in Chennai. It just gives us a clinic name and address in the yellow pages or Just Dial.

I found the names and addresses of around 90 Clinics and hospitals with Obstetricians and Gynecological services of which only 10 to 15% were government institutions.

Unsafe Abortions

A holistic approach is needed that will not lead to more women seeking out unsafe abortion providers, resulting in an increase in maternal deaths. A long-lasting solution can be achieved, only by bringing about a cultural change and definitely not by clamping down on abortion services and drug availability. India is far from this goal but She is most definitely on Her way, one step at a time!

Author profile:

Dr. Meenakshi Thiagarajan is a dentist and a Public Health professional. Women’s sexual and reproductive health are her areas of interest. In her free time, she pens her thoughts down. You can find her writing on social stigmas.

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  1. Hi i had miscarriage by natural method using Honey and sesame seeds before 5 months, and now for the past 4 months i didnt get normal period and it always a dark brown blood is coming what am i supposed to do now please help me..?

    • Hello Pavi, please mail us at hiddenpocketsinfo@gmail.com so that we can keep this conversation safe. Having dark brown blood is no sign of worries but since your periods have become irregular we would suggest please visit a gynecologist. Visit this clinic :
      FPA India CHENNAI Branch
      Srutilaya Apartments
      G1, No14, Venkateswara Nagar,
      1st Street, Virugambakkam
      CHENNAI – 600092.

      TELEPHONE : (044)23760463

      They are really nice people and would help you to take care of your health in much more healthier way.

          • Hi i am in a live in relationship for the past 2 years me and my boyfriend are not ready for parent hood , i got my last periods on aug 2 nd and on september when we took a home pregnancy test it was negative but on october 22 it showed positive , i would like some to help me find a safe abortion method or centre.

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