Pregnancy Test Calculator


Pregnancy Test kit are often used to find whether we are pregnant or not. We often get scared about missing periods, and then start panicking and then first response is to get a pregnancy test kit. 

Thing to remember before using a pregnancy test kit: 

It is important to realise that there is a correct date to use the test it. 


If you are trying to figure out “When to use the Pregnancy Test Kit”, then use this Pregnancy Calculator.

Last month when did you have your periods? Put the 1st day (Date) of your periods here and it will tell you when to use the Pregnancy Kit ?

Example: Last month if you had your periods from 2nd March to 5th March. The first day would be 2nd March. Put this date on the calculator and this will tell you when to use the Pregnancy Kit to get an accurate result.

Pregnancy Test Calculator 


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To be or not to be pregnant, is in our hands!