Post Abortion Care in India?

A lot of young people in India find it extremely difficult to find good services around abortion. If it is a young unmarried couple, there is always this fear of the law, and fear of doctor. It is legal in India and registered medical practitioners can provide termination of pregnancy services in the country. And still they are often scared that doctors might not provide them with good quality of service. People are so scared that they end up getting bad services.

In such a scenario where they feel like they don’t even deserve the abortion service in the first place, is it easy for young women or women of any age to go through an abortion and then think of what happens to the body post the procedure to the body?

Not really!

So we ask the basic question, what really happens to the body after an abortion?

If it was medical abortion, we take some pills and the foreign elements in the body are slowly removed from our body in the form of blood clots or tissues. If it is a surgical abortion, we have a surgery where a foreign body is introduced in the body and then some elements are removed.

and yes bodies lose a lot of blood. Any procedure that requires changes in the body do meet with lose of blood. and that is why it becomes all the more important to talk about post abortion care.

Things to do for Post Abortion Care.

a) So since body has experienced changes, it is important that we supplement body with more fluids and nutritious food to maintain the balance.

b) It is important to go back to the doctor and get yourself scanned again to ensure that there is no more foreign element in the body.

c) Like how we take breaks after any serious surgery, it is important to ensure that we take rest and body is given sufficient time to heal.

d) Reduce the physical exercises for the next few weeks. Your body just went though some major changes. It is important to give it rest.

If you want to take a pregnancy test it might be better to wait for 3-4 weeks, because the hormones might still reflect a positive result.

It is not really an easy decision to get a pregnancy terminated. People have their own stories and struggles, and people come to this decision based on their own realities. If you are still feeling uncomfortable or feel not heard, or still feel bad, please do get in touch with us at 8861713567 and we will ensure that we have a conversation with you.

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