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Can marriage be the consent for sexual relationship?

Dating is not so easy in India. Is it? One guy shares his story!

Dating: Once Bitten and Many Times Shy

Nobody talks about their abortion, and this makes the whole process extremely painful and lonely.

Do you think being a trans woman and accessing health service easy in your city?

Cutting Through Stigma: Transgender Women and Health

Is it easy to leave a miserable love life and move on?

Ex-orcism?- How Did I Finally Leave a Miserable Love Life?

Cutting Through Stigma: Transgender Women and Health

How long did you take to forget your crush? Some of us took bit longer than usual

Feelings emotions while living with Asperger’s Syndrome

Would you wish someone on their birthday if it is just a casual relationship?

Do you follow some rules for Casual relationships?

What single women feel white travelling alone in India?

Un(t)raveling Goa: As a single woman traveller Vs traveller with family

Is it easy being a woman on the movie sets in India?

Kollywood Vs Bollywood: A woman’s tale in the so called ‘man’s world’

Why men need to talk more and more about women’s issues?

Why every Indian man should watch (Stree) movie?

Are you scared of meeting a counsellor?

Would you visit a counsellor for your mental health? I did.

Can transgender people speak more about their own issues?

Trans Vision set to transcend transgender discrimination using YouTube Videos

How a dating application helped me mend my broken heart?

How Tinder in Chennai helped mend my broken heart!

Is popping pills an only way to deal with depression?

Depression and Me

Why am I so scared of the outsider?

Re-Defining ‘Indianness’: Mitigating hate crimes and discrimination of ‘outsiders’

I went on 101 dates and still trying to figure out people in my community

101 Q dates: A project to talk about LGBTQIA+ lives

Is it accessing health care service in India by LGBTIQ community?

Healthcare challenges faced by LGBT community in India: In conversation with Vinay Chandran

Why I used my dance form to let it define me?

Designer explores clothes and gender using Mohiniyattam and drag

What was drag queen for me?

Dragqueen and a transgender

Why did I want the drag queen to marry off?

Why marry off a drag persona? Alex Mathew writes about Mayamma

Why are people so nasty to women who are skinny?

As a healer, what was I seeing in people around?

Going Within… Healing