Sexual Health

Learn some basics about Gender and Sexuality.

Ever wondered how is the sex reassignment surgeries performed?

Why is the mental health of queer individuals not taken seriously?

Do our cities think about reproductive health?

Can we get insurance for sexual health?

Can we learn something about consent and sexual behaviour from animals?

What if our ovaries are twisted? Yikes!

Ever imagined if any animals also were terminating their pregnancies?

We often confuse sex with gender. find out the truth!

Ever heard of people falling in love, getting physically intimate with objects? Well we found a group like that.

Infertility, something we rarely talk about:

At Hidden Pockets we do our best to find health services for everyone. We are also trying to find ART centers for people living with HIV.

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Do you know the rules of safe oral sex?

Pleasure and Protocol of Oral Sex

Ever wondered how trans people feel about sexual health?

Cutting Through Stigma: Transgender Women and Health

Do you go for sexual health check up?

Sexual health check: why is it important?

Ever worried about vaginal infections?

Trouble down there: Vaginal Infections and more

How much do you know about Sexually Transmitted Infections?

5 FAQs on sexually transmitted diseases that you better know the answers to!

After 30, sex can be amazing! Think more about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Sexual health in your 30’s: Keep the passion alive

Have the courage to live, anyone can die

Life with HIV: Have the COURAGE to โ€œliveโ€. Anyone can die

How does one handle abuse while being positive woman.

Life with HIV: Dealing with domestic violence and abuse as a positive woman

Nobody talks about struggle of people living with medication for HIV

Life with HIV: My struggle with my medication

Where to find ART clinics in Rajasthan?

Where to find health facilities for HIV and AIDS patients in Rajasthan?

Where are ART clinics in Delhi?

Where are Anti Retro-viral Treatment Centers for HIV in Delhi?

Where are ART clinics in Tamil Nadu?

Where to find help for HIV and AIDS patients in Tamil Nadu?

Now if you are idaognrized with HIV, what do you do next?

Life of a HIV positive: What next when diagnosed positive?

Life could be fulfilling, if only you knew how to be more positive in all the sense possible!

Tips to live a full life as HIV Positive

Does India respond well to people living with HIV?

How does India respond to HIV?