Dating: Once Bitten and Many Times Shy

June 21, 2019 Hidden Pockets 0

Dating! Once Bitten and Many Times Shy Dating is fun with its complexities involved. And the billion dollar question with men is the asking out part. It becomes a little more difficult when you don’t really know what clicks or what could click to the girl you might be having Read More

Vaginismus 101: It’s my story

June 14, 2019 Hidden Pockets 0

What is vaginismus? Vaginismus is classified as a vaginal “disorder” where vaginal penetration for a woman is either painful, difficult or impossible even if there’s a desire to engage in sex. It is characterised by the tensing of the vaginal muscles i.e., tightening of the pelvic floor muscles which makes Read More

Trouble down there: Vaginal Infections and more

June 10, 2019 Hidden Pockets 2

Vaginal Infections, UTIs, and STIs – Similarities, Differences, and Treatment Vaginas are self-cleaning magical organs. Even as a whole sub-industry has grown around peddling ‘intimate washes’ and other such stuff to vagina-possessors, our understanding of keeping the organ clean and infection-free has remained fundamentally lacking. In some contrast to how Read More

Always Aroused: Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

June 7, 2019 Aadhira 0

Imagine constantly feeling as if your body is on the brink of orgasm. Orgasm? Despite an absence of any sexual desire! This is the struggle faced by those who have PGAD: a debilitating and distressing disorder that predominantly affects women. PGAD: What does it mean? In PGAD, a person’s genitals Read More

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