June – The Virtual Assistant

May 31, 2019 Hidden Pockets 0

Once upon a time there lived a girl named June. She is simple, she liked clouds, and she often talked to clouds. She had a smile, that mischievous smile, which often make people wonder what was she upto. Her elder sister, Siri was smart, she was the voice of common Read More

Ovarian Torsion aka Adnexal Torsion

May 23, 2019 Aadhira 0

It is an uncommon cause of acute abdominal pain in females, but it is a ‘gynecologic emergency’- Ovarian Torsion is a condition that occurs when an ovary twists around the ligaments that hold it in place. This twisting can cut off blood flow to the ovary and fallopian tube. It Read More

Wonders Down Under

May 22, 2019 Hidden Pockets 0

Let’s Talk about Women’s Health! The International Day of Action for Women’s Health is an international observance celebrated on May 28 every year since 1987. This year Hidden-Pockets is inviting the youth of Bangalore to join us for the conversation. Where? At Hidden-Pockets Office, HSR Layout, Bangalore. When? Saturday, May Read More

Cutting Through Stigma: Transgender Women and Health

May 17, 2019 Hidden Pockets 0

Living as a transgender woman in India means facing multiple levels of stigma and discrimination when navigating even the most basic health services. The problems find their roots at the fundamental level as understanding the anatomical, medical, and healthcare concerns of transgender persons is still not a part of Medicine Read More

Vasectomy : Male Birth Control Method?

May 9, 2019 Aadhira 1

Va–sec–to–my???? What is that? I know most of you are confused. I was the same too when I heard of it at first. Because, in our society, We hardly think about ‘men’ when it comes to birth control (Apart from condom). There are ways a man can ensure that chances Read More

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