5 Must-Sees Pleasure Pockets in McLoedganj

October 25, 2016 Purvai Aranya 0

India is vast and wild and often unforgiving to so many kinds of people who want to travel through it. I will be honest: I am afraid. Travel in India needs so many elements factored in, as well as the strange knowledge that anything can go wrong at any point Read More

Will you listen to a young person’s story?

October 24, 2016 Hidden Pockets 0

“Hidden Pockets presents Pocketshala” When these words were played on the speakers our hearts were on the seventh cloud because our work of months and imagining of creating a support tool to talk about issues has finally come true. Talking to young people about things has always been a difficult Read More

Living the dream of a supermodel!

October 20, 2016 Hidden Pockets 0

I have always dreamt about being a supermodel. I couldn’t become a male supermodel because I don’t have the great, chiseled body that most of these men have. That didn’t stop me. The opportunity to model as Maya came to me through sheer luck because dreams come true when you persist. In the Read More

5 Hangouts in Aligarh that the students swear by!

October 8, 2016 Hidden Pockets 0

Food, friends and fun defines college life. More than classrooms, students spend their time in their favourite ‘addas’, or hangouts with their friends. Occasion or not, everyone’s always up for a treat. Students are always on the lookout to burn a hole in a friend’s pocket. Laughing, crying, celebrating, as students, Read More

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