Hidden Pockets finds good Sexual and Reproductive Health clinics.

We care for young sexually active clients by proving sexual and reproductive health counselling . We connect the clients with non judgemental , affordable and good  health clinics in 20  cities of India.

We provide confidential information on sexual and reproductive issues to tackle unwanted pregnancies, Contraceptives and more.

WhatsApp Us at  +918861713567.   

Our customers come first and we believe in providing counselling with care. We dont use True Caller.

We are a set of lawyers, counsellors, techies working with network of doctors who are willing to provide you reproductive care counselling and clear your doubts around sexuality.

We dont track you and dont store your information. We also provide paid counselling services on issues around sexual and reproductive health. If you want more focussed call with us, please opt for this.

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Trust Us. We Care.

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Our Collective : Hidden Pockets Collective, works with marginalised communities like young children from low income groups, People living with disabilities and People living with HIV and ensure that they too have access to counselling around sexual and reproductive health.


We  understand that information is sensitive and we ensure that your information is kept confidential and private. We provide information which is legally available in the respective countries.